We believe that our AI can help hundreds of millions of non-English native speakers improve their language skills with engaging content and in an easy way.

About Us
The Trio who make possible to a miracle.

Team Avanssion is an EDtech team, that specializes in iOS/WEB service based in Tokyo. All our members are highly trained specialist across all platforms. Not only development but also we specialize in brand identities,social strategy & content creation, commercials.

FAQS to Engineers
The power of our technology

Fantastic tech duo Florian and Kuma

Why did you start team Avanssion?

We just wanted to meet more developers who like us and inspire each other, so that we can truly develop ourself at the beginning.

What kind of development do you do?

Almost everything? haha. We have a sense of mission to develop iOS service, but we can also develop most of WEB and android platforms.

Why you are special?

All members highly trained specialist. We are only 3 guys, but each member is able to show the best performance in 3~4 fields.

Fantastic tech duo Florian and Kuma

Our Project
English education iOS appservice by AI

Haxning is the best optimized Youtube content for English listening training. We did it at Junction Tokyo 2019 Hackathon at first as a prototype. We ended up winning both the ‘API Hack’ sponsored by Rakuten RapidAPI and the Grand Prize. And We actually made this for an actual product, but this is just beggning for our jounery.

They talk about us

Our Members
The tech enthusiasts who inspire people.
Daiken Jeon has over a decade leadership experience in art direction and management in Tokyo. His direction breathes a new life into a blank, that is every beginning and end in his team.
Tech Lead
Tech lead, Florian Ludot is a talented iOS engineer and technology enthusiast from France who is currently based in Tokyo. Every technology of Team Avanssion has been lead by him.
API Director
He’s obsessed with optimized databases and creating amazing systems that are absurdly stable and effective. Even if Team Avanssion has a great plan or skills, nothing could be a reality without him.
This talent has just joined team avanssion as a prospect. His enormous potential has amazed Daiken Jeon and Florian Ludot, which makes them to build a post team avanssion.
Team Avanssion's skill requires no emphasis apart, I am really impressive about how their system inspires people. For example, their prospect system has a perfect course to become a tech specialist for students. Literally, They are an EDtech itself.
Joshua san miguel, The head of buldaks
Our Journey
The milestone and challenge that we have become an EDtech team

We also started from zero like anyone else

The winner of Junction Tokyo 2019

We actually launched the prototype that we won to Junction Tokyo for a real service!

First event for haxning by Daiken Jeon

Second event for haxning by Florian Ludot

We are going to Helsinki in this November to challenge Junction 2019 as a Japan champion! It’s time to be world class!

What’s gonna be 2020?
Are you going to be corporate?
We have planned for that since the beginning. We are actually looking for potential partners for fundraising. Sooner or later, Team Avanssion will be Avanssion, inc
Tell us more about your EDtech platform
Our service Haxning's AI will be enveloped more by our own big data. So that we can try to expand Haxning to the global market.
Will not you attend hackathons anymore?
Yes, we will. this is why we are also recruiting and training prospects. We already built a specific tech course to build a post team avassion.
Why are you challenge hackathons?
We have a sense of mission to inspire people who like us. We want to meet them and help more. We think it’s also one of the ways to make a better world.